Record Store Day 7" Single

by Cameron McGill & What Army



Two exclusive tracks from Chicago indie-folk crooners: a new remixed/remastered version of "Madeline, Every Girl" and a brand new tune called "Sad Ambassador".

Cameron says: "The lyric for Madeline Every Girl was written in the van after a full day of listening to The Smiths on the way back home from tour. After I dropped off the rental van in Champaign, I walked downtown to catch the train home to Chicago. I had an hour to kill so I went to the acoustic room at C.V. LLoyd's and wrote the music, and since I had the lyric already, it worked out pretty quickly. I recorded the song to my voicemail so I didn't forget it, and caught the train home shortly thereafter. Sad Ambassador was written the night I got home from our slightly ill-fated July 2009 tour. Guess I felt like one. Recorded the demo that night at Cyd's old place and went to sleep. Let's shake on it."


released April 17, 2010



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Cameron McGill & What Army Chicago

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